Eclipse XLHD Multicam Array


Overview of the Eclipse XL MCA advanced aerial cinematography camera

Once again demonstrating it's extraordinary flexibility, the Eclipse MultiCam Array is a further adaptation of the award winning Eclipse and is a leap forward for VFX plate photography.

The Multicam Array utilizes six 5K Red Epics in an array 3 across by 2 rows high. Stitching together all six images in post production provides a seamless 12K (46 Megapixel) image with a 140 degrees horizontal, 60 degrees vertical view.
In addition to aerial use, the Eclipse Multicam Array can be used on the ground with small cranes via a Mitchell-mount adapter. Producers can use the same Eclipse system for normal single camera shooting and the Multicam Array for plate shots. The time to change between them is approximately 4 hours.

Compatible Cameras

  • 6 x Standard Red Epics
  • A 7th Red Epic is used in the cockpit as a master controller for the six array cameras


  • Canon EF 24mm f/1.4L II USM
  • 6 x Lenses can be supplied along with filter kits with the system upon request
  • Canon lens mounts for Epics also provided upon request

Key Features

  • Unsurpassed stability
  • Unsurpassed reliability
  • Unmatched steering precision & response
  • Absolute level horizon
  • Vehicle slave mode
  • Manual roll steering capability
  • GPS targeting and steering
  • 90° Look down steering
  • VFX Data logging of GPS, Gimbal and camera telemetry
  • Widest choice of camera and lens combinations including 65mm Imax and 35mm film both with 1000’ film loads

General Information

  • Platform Weight: 90-125kgs (dependant on payload)
  • Maximum installation weight: 250kgs approximately
  • Shipping Details: 750kgs in 18 cases (dependant of configuration)

Included with the system

  • Video Assist includes
    • Operator’s monitor with waveform & vectorscope displays
    • Director’s monitor
    • Pilot’s monitor
    • Pix 240
  • Portable 1k Generator (cannot being shipped)
  • Unit box
  • 138mm & 4.5” round filter sets
    • 85 & 85 combination to ND 1.2
    • Straight ND’s to 1.2
    • Polar

Optional Equipment

  • AS355/355 aviation approved helicopter side & or nose mount brackets
  • Microwave downlink (HD or SD available)



Matrix Screens Eclipse MCA Cad Drawing Eclipse MCA FOV 1


The Martian (11)
Amelia (10)
Body Of Lies Morocco (734)
Amelia (8)