Aerigone drone in flight


Aerigon DroneAerigon drone setup

The AERIGON IAH 3 SUAV (drone) is the world’s first serially manufactured, six-armed unmanned aerial vehicle designed for professional cinema and broadcast production use. With its lift capacity of up to 23kg/50lbs it can carry the industry’s favorite equipment such as the Red series of cameras, the Alexa mini and the Sony F55.  A wide choice of cinema lenses can be flown with any of these cameras.  Thanks to ts modular design, it can go from packed in the flight case to ready-to-fly in 15 minutes. With the AERIGON IAG 3 Gimbal providing excellent stabilization, the system is understandably a frequently chosen option for a wide variety of filming applications.  With it's open architecture design, other payloads are easilly integrated into the gimbal.

Download the Intuitive Aerial Aerigon Fact Sheet here.


Bond - Die Another Day - Iceland (77)
Bond - Die Another Day - Iceland (15)
Proof Of Life - Ecuador (78)
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