Exciting New Partnership

12th September 2018


In early 2017 Marzano Films submitted our operations manual to the CAA for commercial drone operations. It took a very short time for our PFCO to be granted and we began commercial operations almost immediately.

Then in February 2018 at the BSC Expo in London a chance meeting between ourselves and The Helicopter Girls started a collaboration between our two companies that has shown extraordinary success over the last 12 months. We have worked together on some of Hollywoods biggest movie productions including Hobbs & Shaw and Disney's Artemis Fowl.

The relationship has now developed into a full partnership and the combined expertise now enables that partnership to offer highly skilled crew and sofisticated equipment for aerial filming from both full sized aircraft as well as drones.

For full sized aircraft operate the Eclipse XLHD helicopter mount for large size payloads such as the Alexa 65 and IMAX film, the mini Eclipse with the unique ability to shoot with large zooms such as the Angenieux 28:340, the Shotover F1 and K1 and can arrange to supply other systems such as the Cineflex range of platforms.

For drone cinematography requiring camera and lens combinations such as the Arri mini and Hawk vlite anamorphic primes we operate Freefly's Alta 8 and MoviPro systems. We also operate the Shotover U1/G1 system for super heavy lift installations such as the Arri 435 with a 400' film load. For the tighter spaces and low cost photogrammetry we have the DJI Inspire 2 with the Zenmuse 7 camera and lens option.

Come and talk to us on stand 237 at the BSC Expo 2019.


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