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The Mini Eclipse Specialist Aerial Filming UK

The long  awaited arrival of the mini Eclipse has finally happened and is available exclusively through Marzano Films.

Mini Eclipse Aerial Camera System Features

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  • The highest level of stability and reliability
  • Unmatched precise and responsive steering
  • Geo-reference capability
  • Unique 'Follow mE' mode which allows the operator to track a moving target even if that target is out of sight.
  • Will not topple
  • GPS satellite-based camera targeting and steering
  • Fast payload changes
  • Ability to look 90° down whilst panning, tilting and rolling with no gimbal lockup
  • GPS referenced inertial roll axis - the only system that truely has "a perfect horizon"
  • Any axis vehicle slave
  • Can easily be fitted with a Mitchell mount and inverted for use on a wide varity of vehicles and dollies.
  • Widest choice of camera and lens combinations of any system of its size.  It can even take an Alexa XTM with an Angenieux 28:340 zoom thus giving the production the ability to reload in the air and full sensor coverage of the 4x3 open gate format.

Console Features


  • High definition graphical user interface with touch screen system setup, force stick, optional joystick, optional wheels.
  • VFX CGI Gimbal and Lens metadata - GPS Latitude, longitude, altitude, utc, pan, tilt, roll, zoom, focus, iris
  • Optional remote wireless control of zoom, focus and iris

System Specifications

  • 6 - axis gyro stabilized gimbal, carbon fiber front and rear covers
  • Gimbal Weight: 34 kgs (75 lbs)
  • Gimbal Dimensions: 42cm diameter dome x 54cm
  • Operating temperature range: -40° to 71°C (-40° to 160°F)
  • Pan 360° continuous, Roll +/- 61°, Tilt +/- 110°
  • Pan and Tilt Speed: 260°/sec
  • Wide variety of camera and lens configurations up to 45kgs



Bond - Die Another Day - Iceland (17)
Bond - Die Another Day Spitzbergen (19)
47 Ronin (6)
Zero Dark Thirty (559)