Exciting New Partnership

12th September 2018


In early 2017 Marzano Films submitted our operations manual to the CAA for commercial drone operations. It took a very short time for our PFCO to be granted and we began commercial operations almost immediately. Then in February 2018 at the BSC Expo in London a chance meeting between ourselves and The Helicopter Girls started a collaboration between our two companies that has shown extraordinary success over…    Read More

BAFTA Awards 2018

19th February 2018


 Congratulations to all the nominiees and recipients at The BAFTA Awards last night. John and all the crew at Marzano Films would like to extend a personal congratulations to Sir Ridley Scott for his long overdue recognition.  Congratulations Ridley on receving the prestigious Fellowship Award.      Read More

All The Money In The World

12th December 2017


Marzano Films were delighted to be involved with Ridley Scott's film "All The Money In The World".  We shot aerials overhead Rome and in the Calcata area with the mini Eclipse. Many congratulations to Ridley Scott, Michelle Williams and Chrisopher Plummer for their Golden Globe nominations.     Read More

New Black Panther trailer

16th October 2017


The New Black Panther Trailer is out.  Featuring several aerial shots from John and the team at Marzano Films. The production crew at Marvel were fantastic and it was a pleaseure to work for them on location in South Africa, Uganda, Zambia and South Korea.  If you want to know more technical info re the shoot, look here.     Read More

Mini Eclipse Back In Action

18th July 2017


The mini Eclipse was back in action again, proving why it is the best system of it's size on the market! The DOP on the movie we were filming had requested an open gate 4x3 Alexa.  Landing in central Rome with a helicopter is not an option which meant the nearest landing site to re-load was 10 minutes flying time away. Not a problem for the mini Eclipse and Marzano Films.  We suggested the Alexa XTM split…    Read More

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