Strange Happenings!

9th November 2015


Dr Strange

Our aerial crew experienced some high altitude drama whilst travelling with Nepal Airlines from Kathmandu to Hong Kong for the latest Marvel Studios movie - Dr Strange.  Thirty minutes into the flight, the captain announced that he was having to turn back to Kathmandu due to a "technical fault" with the aircraft. Upon landing safely back at Kathmandu the aircraft was escorted to the stand by two of the airport's fire engines.  All passengers were safely disembarked and the flight was subsequently cancelled!  Our aerial team eventually made the trip to Hong Kong that night with Dragon Air - arriving in Hong Kong in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Dr Strange   Kathmandu  (3) webmedia.jpg

Dr Strange   Kathmandu  (1) webmedia.jpg

Dr Strange   Kathmandu  (8) webmedia.jpg

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