Looking forward to seeing our VFX Aerial / Boat unit footage in the upcoming mystical thriller Damsel!

Marzano Films provided a Helicopter camera unit that morphed into a VFX Boat unit, to pick up plates of the stunning Cliffs Of Moher on the west coast of Ireland. Working closely with the IAA our Flight Operations team Miles Fletcher and Jenni Saunders, gained permission for the Helicopter filming team to fly low and close to the Cliffs of Moher. On this occasion and in collaboration with A2BAerialFilm, we had to position a helicopter into Ireland from the UK.

Will Samuelson and an engineer set off from Redhill and reached the West Coast by lunchtime, ready to rig the Mini Eclipse camera system with our Alexa Mini LF and our Premista 19-45mm lens. With her geometric landing site perfectly pruned, Charlie Woodburn and Benedict Bannister set about rigging the aircraft ready to capture both dawn and dusk shots.

The Aerial crew then de-rigged the helicopter and mounted the Mini Eclipse to the bow of a local passenger boat. The sea conditions were NOT at their calmest and the big Atlantic swells were bouncing off the cliffs and colliding with the incoming waves!  The small boat endured some serious rock and roll but the mini Eclipse stabilized all the motion and the team were able to capture spectacular VFX plates from this alternative angle on the sea. 


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