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Aerial Filming and Aerial Drone Filming

Marzano Films is an Aerial Filming and Aerial Drone Filming Company in the UK started in 2014 by John Marzano.

John is a world respected aerial filming and drone filming director in the UK, an Associate Member of the British Society of Cinematographers and a longstanding member of the Guild Of British Camera Technicians.  He and all the team at Marzano Films take great pride in providing a complete package of first class aerial drone equipment and highly experienced and dedicated crew for productions, UK and worldwide.

Our safety record is exemplary, and we have never had a client who has been anything less than delighted with not only the comprehensive and hassle-free service but also the great imagery we have captured.

With well over 100 Oscar and Bafta Award winning films and many television dramas, documentaries and commercials credits, the depth of knowledge and experience the team can provide is hard to rival, take a look at our latest infographic providing details of the art of filming at 12000ft with three of our latest films due our 2019

Please take a look through our equipment pages to obtain a better understanding of the aerial camera capabilities such as the Cineflex Elite, the award winning Mini Eclipse and Shotover cameras. You may also be interested in our expertise with filming with UAS drones. We have a range of superb drones which can be underslung or overslung to capture the action from below or above. 

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Black Hawk Down (7)
2012 Olympics (4)
Sarhara - Morocco (42)
Bond - Die Another Day - Iceland (74)