23rd November 2023


Article Courtesy of BSC MagazineIntroducing the newest Sony Cinema Line camera, the BURANO, with a high-flying short film that premieres at Camerimage: The Wingman, shot by James Friend ASC BSC. James Friend ASC BSC eyes an F-type Jaguar through a circular polarising filter, checking the reflections in its immaculate bodywork. A Sony BURANO sits high on a Scorpio 45’ crane, a second nestling below on a Chapman d…    Read More

June 2023

30th June 2023

Columbia HERE WE COME! John and the drone unit, travelled thousands of miles in search of a small brown bear on his travels back home! Meanwhile back in the UK Drone Unit: Dani, Steve, Lou and Aaron travelled 6 hours away to shoot footage for a new action feature along the iconic River Tees.  The DJI Inspire 3, Heavy Lift drones and all the back up gear in between, were carried by our fearless crew…    Read More

May 2023

30th May 2023

John and Leo spent 2 weeks recceing with the PIP team - ready for the travels to Columbia! Its set to be a doozy! Locations across the country, spellbinding views and the beauty of the rainforest are to come! More work with the LBP team, to complete night shoots with the large action unit, more than 400 SAs on set for the drone team to navigate through!            Read More

April 2023

30th April 2023

Continuing the epic journey with the LBP team, Lee Thomas took the reigns as Aerial DOP for a tricky Hybrid FPV shot through the snowy trees, on set at Shottesbrooke.   John and Benedict, took the Freefly Alta 8 drone team onto another day with The Crown S6, shooting close to home along a public road with the Mini LF and prime lenses on board. As always the team knocked it out the park in one take and we…    Read More

March 2023

31st March 2023

The Crown and LBP  This month saw multiple units working around the clock to complete aerial cinematography on two epic drama series, while continuing to assist Netflix with their drone requirements.  John and his Heavy-lift drone team travelled to the Canary Islands, flying the Mini LF and signature primes under the Freefly Alta X drone for the second series of a Prime Drama series. The crew s…    Read More

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