Mini Eclipse - Rome July 2017


Our award winning aerial filming team has an extensive selection of digital aerial cinematography equipment that can be installed to helicopters or aeroplanes providing stunning sequences for both blockbuster movies and critically acclaimed tv programs.

The latest addition to our camera equipment inventory is the Shotover F1 which offers over 120 camera and lens combinations configured to a range of filming capabilities.  Like other systems in its class, it has 6 axis of stabilization and a look down function.

Click here for an insight into what we can provide and to some of the more popular camera systems, drones and associated equipment.

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2012 Olympics (4)
Aerial Filming over Kathmandu, Everest Mountain Rescue for The Discovery Channel | Marzano Films Helicopter aerial filming
Bond - Die Another Day - Iceland (56)
Helicopter Aerial Filming on location in Lanzarote for In The Heart Of The Sea using Eclipse XL HD aerial camera