With a reuptation for providing the best in aerial filming services, it is vital to us here at Marzano Films that the associate companies we work with are of the highest calibre.

Here are some of the companies who provide us with their services. We couldn't ask for a higher standard from these suppliers and can highly recomend them.


A2B Helicopters

Marzano Films and A2B helicopters have enjoyed many years of succesfull colaboration.  If you need the best helicopters and pilots for aerail filming, A2B are the place to go.



Livetts Marine Logistics

Marzano Films & Livetts have worked succesfully together on many occasions on high profile films and TV dramas.  For the very best marine logistics and River Thames boat support, look no further than Livetts.




Proof Of Life - Ecuador (78)
Sarhara - Morocco (49)
Bond - Die Another Day - Iceland (9)
Aerial filming Snowcapped Everest Rescue for The Discovery Channel using Helicopter aerial filming camera Mini Eclipse