Dungeons & Dragons - Honour Amongst Thieves

Dungeons & Dragons - Honour Amongst Thieves

Running multiple Aerial Units once again, both drone filming units and helicopter filming units took part in the epic production for D&D across the UK and Europe.

The Alta X and Alta 8 aircraft plus the Alexa Mini LF camera with lightweight lenses set about capturing tricky drone shots over the Belfast studio backlot. Whilst our dear friends at Executive Helicopters provided us with an AS350 Single Squirrel and Chris Shiel as PIC. As ever Chris's film flying experience made it easy for Aerial DOP John Marzano to jump from Drone operating straight into Helicopter operating with ease, having had the Mini Eclipse rigged and teched by the amazing Charlie Woodburn. 

We didn't get many BTS pictures for the feature as you can imagine, but we did have a great time and enjoyed working with August Street Films.

A big thanks to all of the production unit for coordinating our travel back and forth so well!

See if you can spot some of our Helicopter and Drone shots in the trailer below.


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