Taking on the UK arm of the Aerial Coordination for LIFT, Marzano Films provided Drone Filming units in and around Central London.

The SKYPOOL was our first location next to the US Embassy building. A challenge in itself because of the congested area, but also the vast amount of building works taking place. We worked carefully alongside the production to ensure that our Flight Volume was carefully marshaled and the uninvolved parties were kept well away from the drones flight path. The Freefly Alta 8 carried the Red Komodo camera payload and a Vantage Lens.

Farnborough Airport saw another of our drone filming teams work alongside the action unit, flying aside vehicles and SA's. The Red Raptor was flown under the Freefly Alta 8 and the team had to cordinate around the ATC restrictions of a working airport. Always busy, always fun!

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Amelia (26)
Landrover GDT0057
Iberdrola - Americas Cup (14)
Body Of Lies Morocco (41)