John Marzano Aerial DOP was pleased to operate with old friend Linus Sandgren once again.

John developed, designed and manufactured bespoke plates for the Panavision supplied: Arri 235, 24mm Zeiss Ultra Prime and a Lightweight Z2 Zoom lens.

A big "Thank you" to Panavision London for supplying this to the team FOC for testing! We are super proud to have such a fantastic working relationship with all of the crew at Greenford and in the Panavision centres across the globe.

Below we see the Arri235 underslung on a Ronin 2 gimbal beneath the Freefly Alta X Heavy Lift drone, on its maiden flight before shooting commenced.

Design! Develop! Test! Fly!


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Bond - Die Another Day - Iceland (77)
Bond - Die Another Day - Iceland (39)
Amelia (16)
Tarzan (23)