Sony: "The Wingman"

Sony: "The Wingman"

Marzano Films were invited by James Friend BSC ASC, to his genesis meeting, for a new project based around the launch of the brand new SONY BURANO camera.

"The Wingman" was a concept which would challenge the new cameras techinical abilities within the Aerial Cinematography arena. 

Drawing on over 30 years of aerial artistry, John Marzano Aerial DOP was honored to assist James in the aerial creative narrative of the story, that would bring "The Wingman's" journey to the big screen, premiering at Camerimage 2023.

Marzano Films' in house design team, manufactured and built a bespoke housing for the Sony Burano camera which was then integrated into the Mini Eclipse gyrostabilised camera system.  The Mini Eclipse was the system of choice for the new Sony Burano, aperfect fit within the versatile range of Eclipse camera mounting systems.

Sony Wingman 1Sony Wingman 5

Specialist Film Pilot Will Samuelson, flew camera helicopter (A2BAerialFilm once again supplied our AS355 Twin Squirrel Helicopter) alongside Paul Bonhomme, Yak stunt pilot. Combining their immense expertise together they were able to perform close quarter air to air, aerobatic manourvres for the sequence. The Yaks flight path was carefully choreagraphed by Steven Moth and as an entire team we were able to ensure we were flying safely within the local air traffic and in some cases, restricted airspace along the southern coast. Marzano Films provided a DJI Inspire 3 Drone Unit on location, to capture additional drone footage of the hard work and efforts of the extremely talented production unit.

Sony Wingman 2Sony Wingman 7.jpg

For more insight and to take a look behind the scenes, in partnership: Sony Pro Filmaking and new BSC Creators magazine published a full article on how "The Wingman" took shape, within such a short timescale! Click here to take a look!


Scroll down to see the final cut of James Friends BSC ASC "THE WINGMAN" below.

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