The Crown - Season 5

The Crown - Season 5

Another truly amazing run with the production unit on Series 5 of The Crown. 

We are honoured to again be part of the team. Both cinematic drone units and helicopter camera units were coordinated to provide the Directors and DOPs with the unique view from the sky.

A special part of Series 5 was the chance to travel up to the Scottish Isles and shoot the VFX plates for the good ship Britannia! John, Benedict Bannister and Charlie Woodburn prepared the Mini Eclipse with the Alexa Mini LF and Premista 28:100 lens for the outing.

Meanwhile Will Samuelson, one of our Specialist Film Pilots (helicopters) recced the majestic isles and collaborating with the locations team, was able to configure a stunning route for our hero boat to follow.

As a splinter unit including Aerial DIT Joe Jamieson, we spent two days in the air, based out of the beautiful Mar Hall Hotel ( who gave the helicopter her own safe spot to overnight, along with the team!)

A few BTS piccies here of one of the drone teams, waiting for dusk (;o) to follow her majesty on a tranquil walk of reflection, along the edge of the waterside with her faithful working dogs by her side. The Alta 8 with Alexa Mini LF payload from Panavision London were the perfect set up and gave the team the ability to track alongside the principal actress with ease.

MFLTheCrownS5 QueenLakeDogs.jpg


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