The Crown Series 6

The Crown Series 6

The team travelled across the United Kingdom and internationally to Spain for this series of The Crown.

Multiple drone filming teams and helicopter filming teams, spent countless hours with the production unit to achieve some beautiful aerial shots for directors Christian Schwochow, Alex Gabassi, May el-Toukhy and Erik Richter Strand.

The Freefly Alta X, and Alta 8 were the prefered aircraft choices, this was always dependant upon speed, congestion of area or the length of shot - we matched the right drone for the job.

Here we see the amazing trio of Mike, Darren and Aaron doing a multi location week - first to Burghley House and then on to Scotland for some pretty challenging weather! 

John and Benedict travelled to Spain to install the Mini Eclipse onto our heli partner team Sky Helicopteros' AS350 Squirrel helicopter. The Alexa Mini LF and Premista 28-100mm lens carried as payload. Below are some images of the aircraft just rigged ready to take off and meet the action boat on the water off the southern coast. We travel our Mini Ecplise system with the approved single pole mount brackets out to helicopter bases around the world, using trusted aviaition partners - we find the closest helicopters for the work required. We are lucky enough, over the last 35 years, to have built up an array of international Pilots who have become experienced with film flying, so that we know we can jump on board and be ready to roll!


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