The Meg 2

The Meg 2

Another amazing opportunity for the entire MFL Aerial Unit. 

Our aerial coordination team spent three months planning and negotiating to provide the camera helicoper unit, the action helicopter unit and two FPV Hybrid drone units.

We had five Specialist Filming pilots (2x Helicopter/3 xDrone), two Aerial DOPs, three Aerial unit ACs/Drone techs.

Our Camera and Picture helicopters positioned in from Cambodia - a huge operational task in itself, working alongside Frederique from ID Dreams.

Our Drone Units had to pass all of the Thai CAA Regulatory checks and equipment import approvals, to operate low level inside The Kingdom of Thailand.

All crew worked closely with the stunt team and local location's and marine units, to ensure all of the aerial operations ran smoothly. 

The team were out in Thailand for 5 weeks capturing both Main and Second unit cinematography for the feature film.

Here are a few of the BTS images and videos, the ups, the downs (rain!) and bamboo grip equipment in between!

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