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An amazing project that was as much fun to make, as it is to see on the big screen!

Marzano Films were employed to provide the Helicopter and Drone Units on this VFX heavy feature, and we had lots of fun achieving the shots for the production unit! The Mini Eclipse and Alta X aircraft were put through their paces for both VFX and live action shots! Red Komodos and Alexa Mini LFs were employed as camera payloads, small and efficient for all of the gimbal set ups. As ever, our dear friends at A2BAerialFilm supplied the AS355 Twin Squirrel Helicopter and one of our favourite Film Pilots: Miles Fletcher.

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Teams travelled to Skrinkle Haven Bay, Lyme Regis, Verulamuim Park, Bath, Woburn Abbey and the Leavesden Studios backlot.Wonka 13.JPG

John Marzano and Mike Foyle travelled to London, with a smaller Inspire 2 drone, to configure a shot playing the part of a huge Giraffe walking through the beautiful aisles of St Pauls Cathedral, chasing Rowan Atkinson!! The Grip team and Aerial Unit crew worked together to build a stabilised rig, and as you can see from their faces - everyone was happy with the results! Great job team. 

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