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The Cineflex Media V14 is a small, lightweight, HD electronic news gathering (ENG) system that can be shipped around the world economically and if necessary by excess baggage. Its versatility when it comes to vehicle attachment is excellent and with the right mount, the system can be used on land, at sea and in the air with little difficulty. Weighing between 35kgs, it is an ideal system for mounting on rail systems, cable systems, jib arms, boats and other camera platforms and is the worlds most popular stabilized system for High Definition TV work.

Key Features

  • Excellent stabilization
  • Excellent reliability
  • Steerable horizon

General Information

  • Platform Weight: 35kgs
  • Maximum installation: weight: 50kgs
  • Shipping Details: 300kgs in 8 cases (dependant on configuration)

Included with the system

  • Video Assist includes
    • Operator’s monitor with waveform & vectorscope displays
    • Director’s monitor
    • Pilot’s monitor

Optional Equipment

  • AS355/355 aviation approved helicopter side or nose mount brackets
  • Bell 206AB & L aviation approved helicopter side or nose mount brackets
  • Other aircraft installations available on request
  • Microwave downlink (HD or SD available)


Everest - Kathmandu (201)
Casino Royal (4)
Bond - Die Another Day Spitzbergen (18)
Body Of Lies Morocco (119)