Black Panther

Black Panther

Directed by Ryan Coogler

Director Of Photography - Rachel Morrison

VFX Supervisors - Jessie James Chisholm, Geoffrey Baumann & Chris Shaw

Aerial Director Of Photography - John Marzano

Marzano Films were delighted to be involved with Marval Studios and the production of Black Panther.  Locations included South Africa, Zambia, Uganda and South Korea.  We provided aerial co-ordination services as well as the Eclipse XL and the new state of the art mini Eclipse.  Cameras included the Alexa XT and the Alexa XTM and lenses used were the mighty Angenieux Optimo 28:340 and the Fujinon Premier Zoom 24:80mm. With a wide aperture of T2.6, the Fujinon lens was used for the night sequences in South Korea and was installed in the mini Eclipse - the only small system capable of taking it on the front of the Alexa XTM.

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