Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange

Directed by Scott Derrickson

Director Of Photography - Ben Davis

VFX Supervisor - Stephane Ceretti

Aerial Director Of Photography (Hong Kong & Kathmandu) - John Marzano

We shot the vfx aerial plates in Hong Kong with a Cineflex Elite.  The system has an integrated Alexa M with a choice of two lenses. The lens used on the Alexa was the Canon 30:300 zoom.  We were limited with the choice of camera system simply because the only aircraft licenced to overfly the city at night was an MD 902 from Heli Services Hong Kong.  The only caamera system cleared on that aircraft is the Cineflex Elite.

In Kathmandu we had more choice and the sytem that we ultimately shot with was Shotover F1 with a Red Dragon and an Optimo 25:250 zoom fitted to an AS350B3 helicopter from Simrik Air.

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