Entaniya HALĀ 220 LF PL

Entaniya HAL 220 LF


The HAL 220 PL and LF lenses are the best quality large format ultra-wide angle fisheye lenses available today. They feature a fully adjustable iris and a series of interchangeable spacer rings which slightly adjust the lens focal length enabling the image circle to optimally cover a very wide range of different sensors. The HAL 220 PL is currently our most popular lens being extensively used with RED cameras. The NEW HAL 220 LF lens is designed for even larger camera sensors such as the ARRI LF.


  • Focal length - 1.14 - 8.03 (adjusted by spacer rings)
  • Spacer focal lengths - 6.14,6.20,6.40,6.51,6.63,6.74,6.87,6.99,7.12,7.26,7.40,7.70, & 8.03mm
  • Field Of View - 220 degrees diagonal
  • Image Circle Diameter - 180degrees = 19~25mm, 220 degrees = 22.6~29.8mm
  • 11 Blade Aperture - T2.9~T22
  • Covers Sony Venice 2 & Red Monstro 8K sensors
  • Adjustment - manual focus, adjustable iris (manual or gear driven)
  • Lens elements - 17 in 12 groups
  • Lens mount - PL
  • Weight - 2.5kgs
  • Dimension - 102mm diameter

Entaniya HAL 220 LFEntaniya HAL 220 LF


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