Artemis Fowl

Artemis Fowl

Director:  Kenneth Branagh

Director Of Photography:  Haris Zambarloukos

We were delighted to provide aerial co-ordination for this upcoming and eagerly aniticipated Disney production.

We provided aerial filming with both picture and camera helicopters.  For the vfx work shot in Northern Ireland we used our own Eclipse XL HD and our Multicam Array with 6 Red Weapon Helium cameras and Canon 24mm CF lenses.  For the live action sequences we then switched from the array to a single Red Weapon with the 28:340 Angeniuex zoom.  In Italy for the shoot in Umbria and down south around Versuvius we had the mini Eclipse with a Red Weapon Vistavision camera and the Panavision 70 series short zoom.

With our partners, The Helicopter Girls, we also provided extensive aerial drone coverage with our Alta 8 and Movie pro rigs. Again Haris' camera of choice was the Red Weapon and with the Hawk Vlite anamorphic prime lenses we were able to provide some fantastic close in and dynamic aerial filming shots.


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