Alta 8 & Movi Pro

Alexa Mini LF with SAignature Prime 40mm on our Alta 8

Our specialist drone filming crew owns and operates the Alta 8 and Movi Pro from Freefly Systems. The combination is probably the best and most flexible of all the high-end cinema drone cameras.  The Movi Pro can be underslung or overslung for those up angle shots that would otherwise be impossible.

With the unique quick release 'Toad' mount, it is extremely quick and easy to switch between the two modes and even releasing the Movi Pro from the aircraft to go handheld!

Alta 8 & Movi Pro Drone Aerial FilmingAlta 8 & Movi Pro Aerial Drone Filming UK

The Alta 8 & Movi Pro can carry a wide choice of cinema payloads including the Sony F55, the Alexa Mini and the Red series of cameras.  There is also a wide variety of lenses available for all camera choices giving you unique opportunities, camera angles and action shots.

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