Alta x with Movi Pro or Ronin 2 gimbals

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The Alta X is a super heavy lift drone with the capability of lifting camera's such as the Alexa Mini LF,  the Red Monstro and the Venice 2.

Designed and built in house, our bespoke installation in the Ronin 2 gimbal for the Arri 235 film camera with 400' magazines was used to great affect for Saltburn, due for release in early 2023.

Also designed and built in house was our Red Komodo 3 camera array on the Ronin 2 gimbal. This configurtation was used to capture uktra high landscape arrays plates for 'Wonka' which is also due in cinemas later in 2023.

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Alta X with Ronin 2 Gimbal and our bespoke 3 camera Komodo array with 3 x matched Canon 24mm USM II lenses.

Alta X and 3 Komodo Array

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Alta X and Movi Pro Alexa Mini LF


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